Welcome to sportsautographsonline.com

The Virtual OnLine Card Show!

This is the exciting new sports collectibles web-site designed for the collector of autographs, cards, comics and other sports related memorabilia.

We have designed this site with you, the collector and autograph seeker in mind. For the first time, you can submit your items through this site for autographs from players you select from our list of players who have authorized us to offer their signatures to the fans and collectors across the country, at reasonable "show-like" prices, including personalizations!

It's almost like a virtual on-line card show!

If you don't have an item you need signed, click on the button on the player's page that will show you items we have in stock related to that particular player. Then you can order that item and have it signed by the player of your choice.

Through time our list of players participating in this will continue to grow and grow. So, if you don't see the player you are looking for, check for his/her inclusion at a later date. Also if there is a player you would like to see included contact us by email and let us know whom you are interested in seeing added to our list.

Each item, once it is autographed by the player, will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity. We know that in the collectable world authenticity means everything! If you would like to see a welcome message from the Hall of Fame Great Bob Lilly, just click on the video intro button on this page.

We hope the service we offer will bring you back time and time again. Thanks for stopping by, and come back often!

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